Soak in Ouray via the hot springs

Here, you will find many opportunities to soak in Ouray, Colorado by ways of hot springs. There are four properties that offer hot springs! What makes the hot springs so special? It makes the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. It is perfect for a family-friendly trip. It is has great health benefits.

Luckily, these hot springs are available all-year round. The best time of year to come, if you are looking for less crowds, is between November through April. Check out the properties below for more information and inspriration!

Hot Springs

  • Woman sitting in hot spring tub

    Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs

    Immersed in nature, this property and the healing hot springs have helped visitors reconnect with the outdoors for centuries. Originally home to the Ute Indians, the Ouray hot springs have been a beacon to many.

    Our property first became a hotel after World War II. Ever since, guests continue to come to the mountains to experience a tranquil retreat among the forest.

    45 3rd Ave, Ouray, CO 81427

    (844) 989-4719

  • Woman sitting in Ouray Hot Springs Pool

    Ouray Hot Springs Pool

    Splash and play in Ouray’s sulfur-free hot springs pool.

    After an exhilarating adventure on foot, or climbing up a wall of ice, or a pleasant day of shopping Ouray’s unique businesses, soaking in the hot springs and viewing the snow-covered canyon walls from the water in winter is truly a restorative experience.

    1220 Main St, Ouray, CO 81427


  • Drone shot of Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs

    Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs

    Experience the healing element of the natural minerals from our hot springs. Find enriched waters with minerals that have been known to help with lowering blood pressure and anxiety while promoting healthy skin. Find your new energy while you find your tranquility.

    125 3rd Ave, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 519-2084

  • Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodging

    Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodging

    A place of peace and reflection, the Wiesbaden offers world-class rejuvenation and alpine elegance. Located in the stunning San Juan Mountains of Western Colorado, our spa is both uplifting and therapeutic. The continuously flowing hot springs ensure unequaled relaxation and encourage the ultimate release from the stress of modern living.

    81432, 625 5th St, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 325-4347

  • Ice Climber repelling into the canyon

    Additional Things to Do in Ouray

    They don’t call Ouray, Colorado the “Outdoor Recreation Capitol of Colorado,” for no reason. With an adventure for everyone readily available and accessible from downtown, it makes Ouray the prime destination for adventuring, making memories, and checking off bucket list items! Check out which adventures fit you best.

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    What's To eat

    With a variety of choices, your appetite won’t get bored. Whatever you're craving, from burritos to beef Wellington-- our local restaurants aim to please. You can start your day with a cup of coffee and a warm croissant from one of our bakeries or partake in a full hearty breakfast. Have a furry-friend with you too? Not to worry, a lot of our restaurants have outdoor seating to ensure dogs “have a seat at the table.” Take a look at our list of Ouray restaurants to plan where you would like to feast.